This is How America Can Learn Humanity and Civility from Africa

This is How America Can Learn Humanity and Civility from Africa by @RonRisdonAuthor #Humanity

Humanity And Civility in Action 

Last March I spent several days in Kakuma, a large sprawling refugee camp in northwest Kenya. In that population of some 200,000 refugees from all over Central Africa- Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, and the Congo — there is every type of broken, mistreated and beleaguered family unit.

But nowhere did I meet anyone who had been subjected to the latest diabolic, twisted and downright savage treatment that the American government – yes, my government – has unleashed on children as young as nine months at its borders.

A Lack Of Humanity Here At Home 

Forced and permanent ripping apart of families who had the nerve to try to get the hell out of the way of gangs, corrupt governments, and economic slavery.  It was fine when our own ancestors did the same thing a century or two ago, but such people are now classified as less than human.

Too harsh you say?

Well, consider that the American government had no viable plan to ever reunite children with their parents and, in fact, has moved them around to make reunion difficult or impossible.

Is this kidnapping? It certainly would be if it happened to my kids.

Now consider this photo above of African-style separation of families. It is of a young lady from a town in South Sudan where I worked as a UN Peacekeeper. In the photo, she is surrounded by some eighteen children ranging in age from toddler to teens.

They could not possibly all be her children as she claimed.

Keeping Families Together Humanely 

When I asked who the children really were, they confided that they were related and all from the same extended families but had been sent out because it was too dangerous or they were too young or just too tired to run anymore.  They were humanely sent with an adult relative who kept them together; the parents knew where they were and even visited them occasionally.

The point is they were not separated by some inept evil government (even if they have smart uniforms and send them to a converted Walmart) or by bloodthirsty rebels.

Taking it out on families and innocent children may be expected behavior from a bully or a demagogue, but it is not the way to protect your borders.

Come on America, you can do better. You MUST do better and do it soon.

The world is losing patience with you and will soon turn its back on you.


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